10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity

A lot of us, nudists, have started nudism naturally, as something we wanted to do. We feel comfortable naked. But it’s not the case of all our friends and family. So how do you help people get comfortable with their body and being able to be socially nude? Here are 10 simple steps I came across to share to become 100% comfortable with your own body in your birthday suit.

1-Start in the bathroom
This sounds obvious. Generally, you take a shower or a bath naked. For a lot of people this is the only moment of nudity of the day. Well, take on more step. Once you step out of the shower or the bathtub, stay naked to do what you have to do: brush your teeth, comb your hair, apply some make up, shave, etc. Do this in front of the mirror. You’ll see you naked and will get accustomed to your nudity. You are beautiful naked, be proud of your body, even if you would want smaller love handles, thinner thighs or larger breast. You are who you are!

2-Sleep without wearing anything
If you are used to pajamas or boxer shorts, try to sleep without. Add an extra blanket if you feel cold and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the sheets on your skin. Ensure you use your best sheets either cotton with high quality thread or satin. You need to feel good slipping in your bed and getting this unique feeling of the sheets on your skin.

3-Walking inside your house
If you are comfortable nude in your bathroom and have spent a good time sleeping nude, you may move from your bedroom to your bathroom. Get up naked and walk to your bathroom, do what you have to do and go back to your room to get dressed. Of course, if you feel good naked, you can go to your kitchen to prepare your breakfast. I personally never dress for breakfast. So I am naked from the time I got home until the time I leave in the morning. It just feels good.

4-Watching TV
You feel better and better naked and now start to enjoy the feeling of moving around with this new freedom. So why not strip off much before going to bed. If you intend to watch some TV before going to bed, strip off. Do this ritual: take a shower, brush your teeth, and get comfortable on your couch to watch your favorite program. Once you are ready to go to bed, you just have to move to your bedroom and slip in your bed, in your best pajama, your skin.

If you followed the first four steps, you should now be fine to walk around your house. If you are used to doing your chores on Saturday or Sunday morning, start a nude day: wake up, get your breakfast, take your morning shower and continue your day naked, starting with your chore. And without noticing, it will lead you to your next step: cooking.

This is one of my preferred naked activities. Preparing a meal is great done in the nude. Of course, if you are frying, put an apron, getting hot oil on your skin is not a pleasant experience. What I generally do is opening a good bottle of wine, pouring a glass, putting some good music and start cooking. Being naked makes you more aware of your environment. After a couple of minutes, you forget you are naked, because it becomes an integral part of who you are.

Now that you are hundred percent comfortable naked inside your house, if you have a garden, your next step is to go outside and enjoy the feeling of the wind and the sun on your bare skin. This is one of the finest enjoyments in life. Go and walk on the grass barefoot. Plant veggies, herbs and flowers enjoying the sun (or the rain) on your skin. I actually love when it’s raining (of course if it’s not too cold), because your skin is your best possible clothing under the rain. It dries quickly and does not require additional washing.

8-Go to the nude beach
Now that you are comfortable with being naked outside, you are ready to visit your local nude beach and get in the middle of other naturists. On a nude beach, nobody cares about who you are and how you look, because everybody is naked. You may fear meeting somebody you know. Well, there are chances this someone will be naked as well and if he or she has been a nudist for a long time, will welcome you among the nudist community.

9-Spend time at a nudist resort
Spending a day at the beach is great to get the feeling of being naked in the middle of others. You are now fully ready to spend a couple of days without wearing any clothes. This is an exhilarating feeling to be able to walk around, chat, dine, have a drink, play games, just nude! Nudist resorts are great places full of friendly people. Go and do some research on the web before. Check if it’s affiliated to the local/national nudist/naturist federation. This is a guarantee of quality and respect of the nudist spirit. Then call to chat how things happen for newbies. Generally greeters in nudist resorts are really, really nice. Book for one or two nights and jump. There are chances you will never ever go back to clothed resorts and you will find any possible opportunities to get naked.

10-Naked hiking
The last and final step of our naked journey is going out in nature to enjoy nature the best way: entirely naked. By discussing with fellow nudists in the resort you will now be visiting regularly, you will find people who are hiking naked. Find the right group and the right date, and jump on the bandwagon of naked hiking. Walking with friends naked, possibly meeting textile and resisting the temptations to dress, and getting comfortable being outside completely naked is when you can feel you are a complete naturist.

11-Throw a clothing optional home party
And an eleventh step, an extra bonus. Once you are a seasoned naturist, you are ready to do party at home with your nudist people. So invite your friends to a clothing optional party. This could be a barbecue for instance in the summer. It’s great to share your nudism in your own place. The great thing about clothing optional parties is you do not need to wonder what you are going to wear. Just your own skin! Have fun!

You may not go through all the steps I highlighted before. You may stop before the nude beach and stay a home naturist, or you may go to naked hiking. In my opinion, there is no good or bad naturist, there are only naturists with different level of comfort. However, the one thing that I believe being and undisputed truth among nudists is respect. All nudists have a high respect to other nudists and to textile as well. Nudists do not care if you are thin, fat, ugly, beautiful, having scars or boobs job, what they do care is your humanity and your friendliness. So jump, become a nudist, there’s nothing to lose (except you clothes) and so much to win!

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