State of grace

Back home, I was looking at myself in this picture; but immediately distracted by the bright, backlit green of the horsetail. We probably also have a kind of chlorophyll that transforms light into energy and health. I can only adore this wonder: I feel in me an intimate sense of belonging, of continuity with nature. And from this also springs a sense of happiness, of measure, of coordinates that collimate. Time is only a mode of being. Existence in the fist: our life. The energy that becomes new thought: things never thought before. Listening, meditation, a journey to our inner self. Things that we perceive when we abandon the daily categories that condition us. When nudity is a state of physical and mental grace…

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  1. As always, very eloquent and pertinent thoughts on our relationship with the natural environment! And, I agree that there is something in us that transforms sunlight into energy and health. Every time that I am blessed with some time to spend outdoors, and especially if that time is spent nude, I experience a lingering sense of well-being and calm that can last for days.

    That is a beautiful photograph, by the way!

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