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  1. Personally, I have no experience with Yosemite. But, for the swimming hole part of your question, I’ll suggest the SwimmingHoles.org website. It’s a good source of information, supplied by actual visitors to the locations. Conditions, directions, bathing suit requirements, safety considerations, and lots of other good info is available, as well as photos in some cases.

    There’s a new app on the website, which I’m not familiar with, called “Outly”. It looks pretty interesting, with different layers to include water, hiking, etc. It’s new to me, but definitely looks like something I’d like to learn to use.

    If you scroll down past the Outly section on the home page, you’ll reach a U.S. map with state outlines and blue (swimming hole) and red (hot spring) icons for different areas, such as “YOSE” for Yosemite. When you click on the state, you’ll see the red/blue icons. When you click those, you’ll get a list of places in that area. Some of the icons are generalized, such as “LAKA” for Lake Arrowhead Area, in southern California. (I’m familiar with that one because it includes Deep Creek Hot Springs, which I’ve contributed some info for.)

    If you go to Yosemite, it would be great to hear about your experiences here on Naktiv!

    Good luck!

    Jim Tighe

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