4 thoughts on “Trees are Light mediators”

    • I am happy with your appreciation and comment, as well as the likes added to my photo. After a time, other considerations emerged as a corollary: if I can “see” these differences in lighting it means that I have learned something from camera technology: is it the first step into transhumanism? Do we need the cameras to see again what we have unlearned to see? If we are aware of these processes, we can only stay alert.

      • Part of the development of an artist (photographic or traditional) is learning to see the light. That’s also one reason that the south of France was so beloved of the traditional artists in the late 1800s – consistently good natural light.

        • Dear Roger, Thank you for your observation. I did not go that far! Because the attention I bring to light I learned by taking photographs, looking at them and trying to understand why I liked some more than others. I must also say that I probably would have never reached this point of “sensitivity” (as if I was an old film to impress) without my presence in the picture. Being naked is a bit like taking the cap off the lens and letting the light into the camera.

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