Fascinated by light

As the saying goes: nature is nurture. I feel attracted to light and I don’t know why. I know that there is something to be discovered, something that comes to me directly without the mediation & meditations of the mind. But all I have to do is look and I feel satiated, satisfied, filled with a kind of grace, immediately transformed into strength, into a mood, like a bee happy to have found a rich flower. I don’t want to plunder nature, I don’t want to steal anything, but it would be a shame not to take the gifts of light with full hands, full body. And nudity is an open door: only something good can come from it.


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  1. Thank you, Roger.
    I have never taken any photography classes. I go by intuition: when I see a place I like, I stay and admire it. I welcome it as a gift. It’s so different from the everyday things I live, which I have to attend to, even beautiful and positive ones. But they are not as “beautiful”. The beauty of nature imposes itself on you only if, little by little, you have educated your eyes to recognize it, only if it rewrites your consciousness. I don’t know which way, which details have changed, but I’m sure it does.

    Thanks, Andy.
    What happens in the world yesterday, today, tomorrow seems to be reality. But it is so elusive that it is difficult to know it. Nature has imprinted itself on our bodies & knowledge as a familiar place. Our biology comes from nature: Our body talks to us, it knows what it wants, it knows when it feels good, and it communicates it to our sensations. We need to translate everything into thoughts, into words. We need to make everything mathematically explicit. I think we are convincing ourselves of something with our own words, “the will to believe”… but we don’t understand. Day by day, I am rewriting the concept of my being, of my Dasein – the Germans would say. Seeing my body not torn to pieces by the butcher that culture sometimes is, reassures me, it’s the best earnest for my tomorrow…

  2. “nudity is an open door” beautiful and clever saying…
    I do not like closed door in my house. I like open doors and windows. And maybe nudity is just mirror of our soul. Maybe We are nudist, because our soul needs to feel support from body too…

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