Sunday’s walk

I had free afternoon and I have used it well.. 🙂

In the beginning I had a T-shirt and shorts. Also because of the people, but also because of the cold, because I didn’t move very much in the morning and so I didn’t feel very warm. But after about one kilometer I got to a remote part and at the same time I warmed up enough, so I took off my clothes and then it was eight kilometers. beautiful autumn walk at a temperature of about 11 degrees.

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  1. We use to enjoy walks through wooded glades or by a riverbank. We once followed along a riverside as it came down from the hills, we ambled through small rocks and past fields of wild flowers and grasses. We were naked and younger than we are now. We only once came across two other campers as we walked. They came out of a large tent about 10 metres from the riverbank, they came to talk to us and didn’t seem concerned about our nakedness. Then we realised they spoke little English, they were French retiree’s and looking for directions to a town. We managed to help, I think, then walked onwards smiling!

  2. This place is full of light with different but not constraining colours, just enough for each leaf to be different. It makes you want to stare and meditate: thoughts come to you on their own, stirred in your mind, retrieved from what you have experienced, in their variety and singularity. This does not pass only as an aesthetic fact, not only enjoyment of the eyes, but enjoyment of the eyes as a reflection of inner harmony, in turn, a reflection of what we perceive to be the harmony we see.

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