Everything’s gold

In autumn, everything is golden. The light that filters through the leaves is a joy to the eyes. The vines, after giving us the sweet bunches, now give us their colours. And these mulberry trees, now that there are no more silkworms, after giving us shade in summer, now give us this precious light; a rain of gold. And like that of Zeus, it cannot help but be just as fruitful: all we have to do is walk past it, look after it, and it will come to us.


4 thoughts on “Everything’s gold”

    • Thanks for your comment, Andy.
      When I’m out in the countryside, all I get is good news: it’s nature’s news. The difference is that everything is real and live, and the day’s news seems to be made just for me (others get other news). And it also seems like it’s my openness (= my nakedness) that gets me the good news. I was going to say “dialogue”: instead, it’s nature’s precious monologue: it’s a gift to listen to it

    • Many thanks, Senvestuolo.
      You can see the place and even the two mulberry trees on GoogleEarth 45°38’41.42″N 10°01’01.14″E
      I know. I’m fortunate to live here. For this picture, I waited some days, because of the wind and rain: the bad weather has not made all the leaves fall off.

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