Peaceful Day?

It’s so easy to enjoy a simple basic life, specially when the sun is out and the heat (here in the UK) hits 24c. We can’t travel too far as you know and our days are fairly restricted mobility wise, so whatever time and space we can get to enjoy some natural naked sun time, we’re sure going to take it. Yesterday we were both determined to just lay out in the sun and do totally nothing!  By 10 am we were both laid out on our lounger chair/beds having seen off our first ‘carer’ session of the day. Kelly didn’t seem to happy at first, leaving two senior citizens laid naked on the patio and not totally out of view of passing neighbours. We had two long cold drinks, a small supply of crossword & quiz books, we had our phones right there next to us, we had the lovely sounds of birds in the trees and in the distance we heard the laughter & playful sounds of children playing in the park.

We don’t ask for much now at the autumn (fall) of our lives, we just need our little home, our family & close friends, as long as we have peace & reasonable health each day we seek no more. Right through the day we only had two interruptions, first was our niece Lisa calling by to check on us, she got stripped and had an hour with us before dashing off again, then we had a neighbour (Tom) calling in. He sometimes calls by, when he thinks he hasn’t seen us for a few weeks. He strolled in through our rear gate, he ambled up to us and sat astride our small (not too stable) drinks table, he had a look at us clearly observing as much as his eye’s could absorb. Eventually (maybe only a minute or two later) he said, “I have a small package at my house that has your name on it, why it was delivered to me I don’t know.” He paused and looked at our drinks glasses half full of fruit juices. “If I had known I was seeing you just now I would have brought it out with me.” he said before taking another pause to look at our drinks and this time lick his lips. We waited a while for him to speak again, after around 5 mins watching his gaze flit from us to our drinks & to the clear blue skies, then as he stood up and the table wobbled a little he stepped down onto the grass, before he could speak again (if he had intended to?) I told him, “Well thanks Tom, we appreciate you telling us about the package. Will you leave now please so that we can enjoy the last hour or two in peace, I’ll ask Lisa to call at your place later today, she’ll collect the package.” Tom strode towards the gate and then as he opened it he said “Well maybe I’ll be home later, maybe, if I don’t go out to get a cool refreshing drink somewhere!”

We laughed a little and shrugged our shoulders as he vanished through the gate, a silence between us for the last hour was only broken with our individual slight ‘giggles’ as we mentally recalled Tom’s visit. We have previously had Tom & his delightful wife Freda call in to see us at our home, they are usually a very helpful couple and often they stay around 30 mins for a natter. Our ‘unconventional’ lifestyle has never been an issue and Freda once said that when they were much younger they often went to little quiet coves on the coast to sunbathe naked. Maybe Freda has kept her ‘lighter’ attitudes but Tom has taken a slightly more ‘grumpy’ frame of mind in recent years. Maybe Lisa will call today and collect the package for us, she didn’t return yesterday, she was delayed waiting at her hairdressers.

And so our happy day in the sun concluded, happy, sunny, peaceful, almost uneventful.

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