Greetings & Expectations.

As the festive season approaches and thoughts of ‘decorating’ the tree or even your home bring palpitations. We remember years gone by when our home was filled with family & close friends, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere and the hopes of better times ahead.  This year sadly my wife & I will be alone, except maybe for neighbours popping in for a little while. Most of our friends have moved on, some have even passed away ! Lisa & her family are away for Christmas week and they could be back the day before New Years Eve. Our carers (care givers) will no doubt slightly increase their visits and one of them, who has become a real friend, will be coming to share & help with our dinner on Christmas Day.   No matter who comes into our home (& our lives) over this festive period, they will see us naked as usual. Although we have felt the cold more recently and have been tempted into woolly socks, pants & woolly cardigans to shield a little more.  We do have a log burner blasting out the heat on some days and no doubt it will gain full use for at least a week or so, to make our meagre festive time at least very warm.  We think our quiet neighbours “Maquires” will pop in for a glass of wine to toast the season, what they will think about actually seeing the flesh of two pensioners is to be puzzled about. We have briefly spoken over the garden fence & they didn’t seem too concerned when we spoke about our lifestyle choices. So maybe the experience of sharing an hour with us will either affirm our neighbourly friendship or make it quite ‘frosty’ and a little distant. We hope we’ll enjoy the season come what may. We certainly want to wish all of our acquaintances here in Naktiv world a very happy & peaceful festive season, good health & prosperity for all coming years !

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