Cover or No Cover

It is a good thing to wear a mask in public places such as shops or on public transport, no one really questions that now. The problem arises when someone with a medical condition affecting their breathing, having some kind of bronchial ailment, is excused wearing masks. Then somehow people like bus drivers or checkout staff have to decide if the person standing in front of them does genuinely have a medical reason to not wear a mask or is this person a rebel who will not put a mask on?  When our niece Lisa arrived back home by train on Saturday she was wearing her mask, throughout her entire journey. A woman who had travelled on the same train had not worn a mask at anytime, was questioned as she left the train by a security guard who simply asked, “Will you please wear a mask or face covering in all public area’s and on transport?” Instead of claiming some kind of medical excuse she launched a tirade of verbal foul language and called the dumbstruck guard everything she could bring to mind. Lisa simply said, “You might catch an infection from someone just like yourself who doesn’t wear a mask, I wear one to protect you, think about it!”

The entire controversy about the effects of this pandemic will cause more issues than the virus itself. Even naked we wear masks when someone else comes into our space, we ask them to do the same. It can cause a lot of laughter too, when we first asked Lisa & her son to put a mask on she said with laughter,  “I always get naked here & I feel free & relaxed, but you ask me to cover my face, nice !”

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