Life Goes On

During this lockdown we have seen our ‘carers’ reduced to two from three, now they wear aprons, gloves and masks. We felt as if we were contagious in the beginning, but then we realised they were also making sure they brought no infection in to us. It really did feel very different being helped into a shower cubicle by a masked person. They still did all their usual routines and it took us around three days to adapt to a new rota & a new regime.

We only see Lisa once a week now, she brings our provisions and does a little bit of cleaning & tidying around. I jokingly said to her last week, “I have never seen you spend so much time here with your clothes on, I’ll soon forget what a naked female looks like!” she laughed and reminded me that nothing much changes with her. She joked about not being able to go to her hairdressers and she would have to let her hair grow for a while. She laughed and pointed towards her pubic area saying “At least I can keep some hair shaped & trimmed !”

It’s important to try to keep usual routines going as much as possible, we have a video link to some friends now, it isn’t as good as seeing them obviously but its better than nothing. We’re staying positive and enjoying our humour and laughs with the reduced care team, as the saying goes… “Lives may come & go but Life goes on”

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