Surprise again!

We had a surprise party laid on for us for our 26th anniversary, by our great friend Angela who is about to leave the UK for a working experience in Tenerife. She has been so good to us over the last 10 or 12 years through our most trying health issues. Her fabulous late mother was our wedding organiser all those years ago and Angela has always made sure our wedding is always celebrated and marked specially by having a ‘Midnight Music & Dance’ evening.  She even made our 25th anniversary a ‘Clothes Optional’ event so that all of our naturist friends could join in. (Angela went ‘almost nude’ by keeping her panties on.)

The surprise party this year was exactly that, a big surprise because we were tricked into having what we thought was a small sociable event for around 10 people. We had booked a small but select restaurant and a dance room, our expected guests arrived for the meal and we all totally enjoyed the ‘quiet & happy’ evening. Then we moved into the dance room to be surprised by a large crowd of party-goers popping party-poppers and streamers ! Needless to say several were almost naked and everyone was certainly in a very merry mood! By  the time 1 am had just slipped by there were many more nudes than we had first seen. It was as much fun watching people gathering some kind of coverings before taxi’s arrived.  The owners of the dance room just clapped and cheered as the saw many senior citizens gathering underwear off chairs and from bags!

Thank you everyone, specially Angela (who has my signature in permanent ink, on her {large} left breast) who will be missed very much over the next 2 to 3 years.  Everyone should have an Angela in their lives!

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