The quiet man !

I have seen kindness from an unexpected person that has restored my faith in my fellow man. My wife has been in hospital now for 2 weeks, she needed to have a small but urgent operation on her bowel. After the operation which was very successful she developed unexpected complications quite suddenly. When I was allowed to, I stayed at her bedside, but the dreaded covid-19 has created many more problems in hospital with restrictions on visiting and what can be taken into the wards.  My neighbours eldest son has always seemed to be a bit quiet & aloof, not a very sociable person and most likely to look away than look towards you.

I waited for my taxi to take me visiting one Sunday afternoon, it was quite late and I had been informed that it was about another 10 minutes away. In a moment of temper I let out a loud curse word as I stood by our gateway.  The son with an awkward nature was just at his own car when he heard my profanity !  To my surprise he came over and spoke to me, “Excuse me interrupting your anger, I am Richard Maquire and I’m a senior consultant where your wife is having treatment, ” my mouth fell open, I gasped for air as he continued ” I guess you’re feeling stranded Mr Thompson and I am just about to set off to go to the hospital, maybe you would want to travel with me to see Mrs Thompson?”

I think my head nodded acceptance before I could regain any speech at all. As I lowered my self into his luxurious motor I found myself saying, “I am so thankful Mr Maquire, the taxi firm is becoming very unreliable.”  As we soon arrived at the hospital I realised that my saviour had not yet spoken to me. I thanked him once again for his very appropriate kindness and offered to contribute towards his fuel cost for the journey. As we parked in his reserved bay at the rear of the hospital he turned and said to me,  “My parents often speak about you & your lady wife, they told me a few years ago about your caring and ‘unusual’ family, they really admire your chosen way of living and I confess to being a little jealous too.  If I could gather the courage I would take up naturism, but sadly it’s not in my heart” As we left his car and entered the main building he suddenly turned to enter a side door on the corridor, he briefly spoke and said, “I wish you both well, your wife will soon make a good recovery!”  Then he was gone!

My wife is on the mend, she’s looking & feeling much better. The hospital seem to be slightly relaxing some restrictions on visiting.  I haven’t seen Mr Maquire recently but his father was chatty today, he brought a bunch of flowers to my door and said that they were a gift to us from all of his family, including the reticent son.  People still have the ability to surprise me, even the quiet ones !

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  1. That is a very moving story, Patrick.
    The real friendness can be only evaluated through hard times. Good to hear that you have neighbors that can be considered friends even if they are not as close as our regular ones.
    Hope a very brief recovery for your wife.
    Take care,

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