Garden Awakening!

We had our ‘Spring Garden’ event a couple of weeks ago, not really a big event just a few family people and around 6 or 8 others who kind of ‘drift in’ each time.  We like to mark what we think is the awakening of our garden after a sleep and resting. As always we get some regular guests such as our niece and her husband along with their teenage son, then we get some cousins who always arrive even if we don’t hear from them all year otherwise. Trevor & his wife Alicia with their teenagers Candy & Sarah-Jane. Another cousin is spinster Brenda who actually brought along a ‘new’ man in her life Robert!

A few drinks of the non-alcoholic fruit kind were passed around, although the chatting and ‘reacquainting’  seemed more popular. All of our guests made use of our small TV room as a place to leave their clothes, although Candy & Sarah-Jane just simply took of their T-shirts & bra’s in quick move and just as easily removed their shorts, (no underwear!)

We had a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed our guests making the effort to be here. So now we’re into the first days of summer (hopefully?) we may be lucky enough to have more friends and family visiting as we are not so able bodied now. Have a real fun time this summer, wherever you are and stay safe & well!

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    • I suppose we were lucky Roger, quite a few years ago when we met at various club grounds, our group often counted 25 or so. Now we get 12 or thereabouts. We’re getting older and our previous ‘friends’ seek gatherings elsewhere with younger people.

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