Jam & Cream on it?

Back in 1966 I was just leaving school at 15 years old, I had a job to go into straight away which was pretty good. In that area it was a predominantly coal mining area, my mother and older siblings were ‘evacuated’ away from a major port, so I guess my options could have also included going to sea trawling for fish. Many here in the UK will have heard of the tragedies that were almost a regular occurrence at sea, it was never a real plan of mine. I didn’t fancy coal mining either so I got a job in a bakery ! The downside to that job was having to be at work for 5 am, one of the positives was the produce I got to take home at ‘cost price’ such as a bread loaf because it was damaged, like a corner knocked off? (I wonder how that happened?).

There were so many good times that I had working there, the smells of food baking was so appetising. The first ‘happy’ event that happened to me was the ‘initiation’ that I had, ( I was previously warned by a good colleague), one morning just as I had changed into my whites (that’s white trousers, white shirt & white apron) I was asked to go to the cake decoration area. That was slightly odd because I mainly worked on bread production. When I went into the room it looked odd that around 15 women were circled around the huge centre table/work bench, then I was suddenly aware that I was being lifted off my feet and made to lay on my back on the table. Then all I was aware off was a sea of females looking down onto me and laughing as lots of hands just took off all my clothing from my waist down. I couldn’t struggle, even if I had wanted to, then I felt a sticky wet & cold moisture around my genitalia, I looked and saw small mountains of Jam all over me, the females massaged it in and then added fresh cream & handfuls of raisins & mixed fruit. More hands joined in as things became ‘aroused’ for me! Suddenly all the females vanished, I lay half naked with a vast mixed cream & Jam mess between my legs. Then a man came in and laughed, he flicked my erect penis with his finger & told me to just pull up my trousers & report to the bread ovens.  That morning was sticky, wet, hot & a real lot of laughs.

That was 1966, I guess similar things would just never happen now. P.S. I never saw or was invited to a female initiation? I wonder what happened there, my brain makes its own pictures !

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  1. Interesting story, Patrick.
    When I started my apprenticeship at the age of 18 in 1966 the initiation was a lot tamer for us newbies. We would be told to look close to a tray of type for the “type lice” and be surprised with a squirt of type wash in the face. Or told to go to one of the old, grouchy journeymen for a “type stretcher.” Or to be taken out to the bar at lunch break and not being able to return to work because of all the free drinks.
    I do remember one of the journeymen telling me about his apprenticeship initiation in an Irish printing plant was was similar to yours. He was told to fetch something from the bindery, which was staffed with all women. When he entered the room he was accosted by a large group of women, had his britches and knickers pulled down, and his genitals daubed with bookbinding glue, and paper tags attached, then sent on his way, pant-less back into the composing room.
    It seems the British Isles have some very different ideas on initiations. 😉

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