Sitting By The Fire

Being in this ‘Lock Down’ situation also brings back some memories of days way gone !  Where we lived when we were very young, I was around 8 my sis was 6 coming up to 7, the winters were really severely cold. Ice and snow would reach up past the window sill and cracks in the glass let the winds howl through! We always had a good fire, piled high and burning fiercely to battle the cold. The door had a heavy wood beam across and Dad was the only one who could move it. Mother made a big pan of broth, cooking on the fire, hanging on a hook, anything & everything went in. We had a bowl each and a chunk of hard bread, the broth was poured by ladle and steamed up to our tiny faces. We both sat in our vests, near the fire as we could, no pants were put on they were laid cold by the bed! As Dad bolted the back door the wind howled like wild animals and sleet pelted high above the windows.  We were never frightened, never cold, we had each other, warm & together, to hold !

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