Love Lives On.

Sadly my soul mate, my sister Lorraine passed away in 1996. Only a couple of months later my amazing & emotionally very strong mother passed away too. Those beautiful people were the corner stones of my world, either one would always be there for me and would always care & share the best of times along with the rest. It takes some doing to carry on when the fabric that held me together was just.. gone ! Then I began to understand was that apart from all of those years that I had shared the bond with these golden women, I had changed myself over those years too, the things I take from the times I knew with them is love, trust, loyalty, caring, compassion and so many things. I also believe that the spirits of my lost loved people are always there to watch over me, guide me & love me. They had joined my dad who left this life in 1959 and my sister Kathryn who had gone in 1981. I have always known my dad was in touch with me, now the spirits of my family together were my tightest watch over, they were not gone, just moved along.  The touch and the hugs may have left but the love lives on. I know that so many don’t understand or accept that the spirits of loved ones watch over us. I know many totally ridicule the idea that souls move to the spirit world in order to still guide us, help us. I know they are there, love lives on.

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  1. There are many types of LOVE. The love I talk about in my blog “Love Lives On” is the love only known within a family. A very close bonding that is life itself. When part of that family passes away a physical bond is lost, but the love remains, maybe stronger because of the bereavement, but it certainly not diminished. In my heart & in my soul my losses mean that with even stronger bonds, love lives on !

    • My condolences, I am familiar with the sorrow of the passing of loved ones. In April of 1993, my wife Mary died, in Jan. of 1995 my father died, and in Dec. of 2008 my oldest son died. The waves of sorrow still overwhelm me at times, but not as often as they once did. As you so wisely said, the love lives on and we are the stronger for it.

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