Was It Day 1 ?

Many years ago I ventured onto a naturist beach for my first time. Fortunately it wasn’t very busy and the few people there were a good distance apart. I had been a ‘naked person’ all my life so nudity wasn’t a problem, the new surroundings & total strangers were something I wasn’t totally at ease with. Being brought up in a relaxed ‘clothes free’ family who did actually live naked for about 85% of home life, made me happy & comfortable naked, so I only needed the experience of being at the coast, sand under my feet and strangers around me. Maybe this isn’t such a big deal to others, maybe the whole thing about going naked was a going ‘public’ first time issue for them without family support.

It felt so good again, warm bright sunny weather, the ocean lapping just a couple of yards away, the breeze all over my skin and around my groins, the whole fresh ozone air feeling was good! I sat on my towel and watched around me, there were a few single people dotted around, around 8 out of 10 were males. There were a few small groups of young adults too, male & female. Then my heart sang as I saw that just ahead of me around 250 yards away, were two young families with children & teenagers.  I picked up my towel and dusted off loose sand that had attached to my chest hairs & I walked just into the sea, the water just washed up to my calf’s. Watching from this point I could see that the families were sort of separated from the ‘singles’ and that concerned me, perhaps this was where I became more interested in making social naturism a more important part of my life. Maybe that was the root of my future years trying to advance the acceptance of naked people & socialisation of  people away from ‘clubs’. It was a really enjoyable day and I eventually sat with a family who were so sociable & fun, much like my own family back home.

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