Mixed blessings

Having been self isolating for several weeks now and also looking after our young grand daughter so that our eldest daughter can keep farming, has been an interesting time. The weather has been pretty much idyllic for a naturist lifestyle style, thankfully said grand daughter also loves this lifestyle as well. The downside is that my lovely wife is only joining us for a few days at a time as she and her team in the NHS are working long shifts trying to keep us all safe. There is now a ritual when she does come home in the evening usually exhausted. Clothes off at the door and straight in the washing machine, followed by a hot bath and scrub, and then we get a cuddle.
However a few days being naked in the garden usually ensures she is refreshed and ready for the next stint on the front line.

Stay safe and stay naked everybody for you own sanity


5 thoughts on “Mixed blessings”

  1. Although it’s exhausting, she’s doing great and rewarding work! It may be hard for her to think of it that way right now, but one day she’ll be able, and well-deserving, to look back and know that the world is a better place for what’s she’s done!

    There have been several similar stories on radio news recently, about health care workers stripping naked immediately when they return home, putting clothes into the washer, and going through the house totally naked to the shower or bath, just as your wife’s been doing. It probably seems perfectly normal to her (which, of course, it is). But for those who have never done things that way, perhaps that “new” idea of being naturally nude as they pass through the home will become more comfortable. Who knows…maybe some will realize that nudity really is normal, and will spend more time that way in the future!

    It’s also great to hear that you can share in naturism with your grand daughter. Kids raised with the knowledge that the body is totally natural and normal are bound to grow up with a more sound emotional and mental state than those who grow up thinking the body is something to hide and be ashamed of. And, it’s great that you spend time together outdoors! Too many kids these days are simply given some electronic entertainment device to “keep them occupied”!

  2. We are constantly being told to wash our hands. Is it possible that by immediately stripping off and washing everything, including herself, she is being even more effective in preventing spreading the virus? Perhaps the government should recommend this for everyone… 🙂

    Well done and keep up the good work, all of you.

  3. We truly respect every single NHS worker, nurses & consultants do an amazing ‘frontline’ job aswell as ward rounds & emergency departments.
    We love the idea that your wife comes home and strips naked immediately, ready for a hot bath. Family cuddles are great at anytime naked, so keep that going ! Best respects to all of you, from one naked family to another. Stay Safe, Stay Calm, Stay Naked & Be Safe !

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