Spring doesn’t wait

Going for a walk in the countryside (around dawn, when the Carabinieri are still asleep) you have to breathe and you feel your chest open: together with the air enters who knows what: oxygen, light (maybe the same light that makes our DNA live). The mind goes on other drifts and thinks about freedom: very right. A cherry tree is not “free” to bloom when it wants to, but it does so in spring. But I cannot consider this an obligation or a constraint. To be in tune with the ways and items of nature means to be free from the cages (even golden ones) that we have built for ourselves. I focus my attention on freedom, also thinking about the obligation to wear clothes.
I put together the daily increasing amount of constraints of this period (this morning I saw that even our small cemetery is closed) and this reminded me of the word  “interdict” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interdict). Then, as today, the dead could not be buried, there were no masses or functions, not even for Easter, no sacraments: the cities were severely punished, denying them the comforts of religion, and what in religion is called “dignity”. Much worse if we remember the “vow of interdict” (Hebrew cherem) in the Bible (Leviticus 27, 28; Deuteronomy 20, 10-20) translated by the Italian Episcopal Conference also “vow of extermination”.
Nature is not contrary to our health; on the contrary, it is nature itself that keeps us healthy.

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