I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I am avoiding this wretched virus by self-isolating naked in my house and garden. Fortunately, the weather has been kind just lately and I’ve been able to spend most days topping up my tan. I suppose I’m fortunate in having a garden where I can go naked and enjoy the breeze between my legs. A lady friend kindly drops by to get any foodstuff I require from the local shop. She has seen me naked but doesn’t comment on it and even smiles when we meet at a respectable distance at the door. She told her husband and he thought it a good idea and has built a suntrap in their garden so that he can go naked without upsetting their neighbours. He rang me the other day and thanked me for improving their sex life! I did ask him how on earth I did that? He said when going naked he gets a massive erection and when the wife joins him (also naked) they are drawn to having fantastic sex in the confines of their sun trap. He says there is nothing like having the sun on your bare arse whilst you are thrusting away between your wife’s legs! I can just imagine him and her having sexual pleasure behind a simple canvas suntrap! He has also suggested we get together for a ‘sinful’ barbecue when things get back to normal and we can all have a naked ‘mingle’. I must say I’m looking forward to that as his wife has the most alluring pair of breasts I have seen! Though I should add that are always covered in a skimpy’T’-shirt!

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