Happy Nude Gardening Day 2020

Hi guys! 

I would never have believed that I would live to see the world in such a state. I have my own strong view that all the great and powerful countries should band together and hold the Communist regime accountable for this mess but I get excoriated for being a “racist” (but how can that be when I am ethnically the same as Xi Jinping – I can’t stand the guy but I wouldn’t be surprised if I get beaten up one day for looking like him!!!). But I don’t want to say controversial things in my naturist blog and anyway, today is Nude Gardening Day (2 May 2020) and for the love of all humanity and the love of all creatures both great and small (which means all wildlife markets must be banned and people in a certain country must stop eating all the disgusting things that the arch-Communist Mao Zedong introduced to them in the 1960s when there was a famine every year – OK, no politics), I do wish all my naturist friends a HAPPY NUDE GARDENING DAY.

The lockdown in my country means we aren’t getting gardeners for an indefinite period of time and so it’s the nose to the grindstone for all of us. I did a lot of gardening today and a single photo won’t do justice to the monumental amount of hard work I’ve put in. Only a montage will do.


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    • Hi Richard, thanks! Yes, I have to be careful of mosquitoes. But I apply BTI pellets in all places that have still water and they are very effective in killing mosquito larvae. Anyway, how likely do you think that all this will just settle down and we can all go for NEWT 2020? I have a strange feeling this will be the first year that it may be cancelled after having gone on every year for the past 20 years?

  1. Hi Lim, great to see you are well and working hard in the garden, we have to agree with you thoughts as but enough of that.
    We have been very lucky here with the weather so have been working naked in the garden for at least the last 4 or 5 weeks building a Zen garden, as peace and tranquility are very high on our priorities right now. Take care all !!!

    • Hi Jane and Nick,
      I heard you were going to Saxony in July and I was so looking forward to seeing you there as well as at NEWT in August. But with each passing day my pessimism grows exponentially. It does seem like I can now only hope that this nightmare will be over and we can all gather in Saxony and Austria this year. I just had my April family holiday cancelled and I really can’t imagine having all my arrangements in July and August cancelled too. Wishing you the best of health until we meet again, hopefully in July.

    • Hi Jacques! It’s always hot where I am. I was hoping to go for the Saxony nude activities in July and NEWT in August but I fear they will both be cancelled. I’m still hoping the virus will just disappear by end of this month or early June and everything will go back to normal. But I think that’s just wishful thinking. How have you been? Stay safe!

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