Here I am!

It was at a coffee morning at a friends house when I was accosted by a very attractive female who asked me if I would like to take my clothes off and join her in the hot tub. I hadn’t realised my friend had “splashed” out and purchased a hot tub. He’d installed it at the rear of the house and it was hidden from the neighbours by trees. 

It wasn’t long before the female, whose name was Fiona, standing in front of me asked me to pull the zip on the rear of her dress. As always the dutiful male, I quickly pulled the zip down, and all of a sudden I realised this female was wearing absolutely nothing under the dress. No underwear nothing! Fiona kicked the dress away from her feet and being completely naked asked me to help her climb the steps into the hot tub. I went to hold her arm but stupidly wasn’t paying much attention to where my hand was. It was on the back of her thighs and was dangerously close to her bum and vagina. It was a good hour before we both realised we had an audience. The other guests had heard our splashing about and of course the bubbling waters. Stupidly, I stood up and invited others to join us. That’s when I discovered my penis was at full attention. With water dripping from its tip. A big cheer went up and several people joined us in the tub.  It wasn’t long before a crowd of naked men and women joined us in the hot tub. It was so crowded I ended up with my pretty female Fiona sitting on my lap. What a day that turned out to be!










































































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