A surprise!

I had invited them to join me in having a cup of coffee one morning. They were two friends I had known for years and were of the same age. On-time, as usual they were at my front door with two other people. Although strangers they were very pleasant and we all soon began chatting about this and that! It was during a conversation about people’s freedom that a bombshell was dropped! The female of the two newcomers remarked about nudism and how restrictive we were all to it! My two friends of long-standing, both joined in by stating they regularly went about naked! In all the years I had known them I had no idea that they, like me, enjoyed being nude at home. It was like someone had pulled a trigger and we all started pulling off our clothes. The new couple were the first to show off their bronzed figures, He was slim and well proportioned. His thighs were muscular and he had a small amount of hair over an enormous penis that had been circumcised and was showing a big head. She was also slim but had breasts that although on the small side, had a pair of nipples that you could hang your hat on. She had obviously shaved all over and her pubes were pink and clean looking.

My dear friends of some years were slower off the mark and in fun began to pull off my shorts. Unfortunately, due to my excitement at seeing naked people in my conservatory, my penis was becoming active and it’s nine inches of circumcised growth suddenly appeared over my shorts. Julie, the female of the two was transfixed by the size of my penis, or cock, as some would have it called. Her husband’s penis was about the average size of three to four inches, but it too was increasing in size!

Standing about and drinking glasses of wine in a hot conservatory, soon had us enjoying each other’s naked company. It was a nudist’s paradise with no sexual overtones. I didn’t think Julie’s secretive fondling of my penis was noticed by the others. She was fascinated by the size of it and whispered that one day she would have to investigate how to make use of such a length!

We have promised to do the same again on a regular basis and my friends confided that the would even go so far as to purchase a hot tub for their garden.

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