Goat-willows are blossoming

Spring is coming fast, it already looks like mid-March, but it is still February. This morning the surprise of a goat-willow (Salix caprea) full of gems! Irresistible a stop for a photograph, as if I needed to anchor this moment of nature with me: as to say “I saw you, I noticed you, and I’m happy”. As to say that I feel in tune with you, in the same time&place, that we live and grow together, to the rhythm of the seasons…

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    • Thanks, Augustus,
      In fact, this is in Italy. Northern Italy, near Brescia and the Lake Iseo (the picture was taken here N45°39’7″, E10°1’33”)
      1) It’s not exactly what it looks like. It’s not the season to go for barefoot naked walks in the morning at 8-9 o’clock at 8°C. You can go for walks, even naked, but above 1000 meters (when it’s sunny – now there are only the (few) mountain bikers and skiers), you have also to avoid weekends.
      2) but every season has its beauty, and the places themselves are transformed, the vegetation changes, the incidence of sun rays, the clouds themselves that only in this season have a different colour, it seems that even sunlight has changed a little bit.
      3) I make my rounds and when I see a nice place, I note it to myself; I notice the time, the weather, how many people I met. The next day, I get dressed just to protect myself from the cold, so as to be “naked right away”. It only takes a few minutes for a photo. And then I get dressed again.
      4) The difference is that with a tripod and a camera “you are doing something for yourself” that is definitely not something “dangerous” or “fearsome”. It’s a bit original, but nothing more. Rare times people have seen me doing my own shots. A smile and no comments, no complaints. So I drew the conclusion, which is also a motto “If you dare, they don’t care”

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