Architecture for the at home naturist

A question for all of us here on Naktiv.

If you had the opportunity to design your own home for naturist living, what features would you include?

What would you avoid or exclude?

Is there any style of architecture that is particularly appealing to the nudist lifestyle?  Mediterranean, Rustic, Modern, etc?

My limitations are that there is no water view, nor access to water other than a swimming pool/hot tub.  Somewhat remote suburban location.

Climate is sub-tropical.

On my wish list so far:

Privacy plantings/wall surrounding the property.

Ability to walk nude outside living space.

Outdoor shower/pool/hot tub.

Solar power.

1600-2200 square feet living space.

Possible detached apartment.

Window walls.


Ceiling / roof sunlight access.

One floor.

Adequate crawl space under roof.

Construction material concrete block, slab foundation.

Usual Florida floor plans have master bedroom / bath suite on one side of the house, guest/children’s bedrooms/bath on the opposite side, often with an open kitchen/living room arrangement.  We would continue this tradition.  The downside is that many homes have a dark tunnel effect,  with light in the living area from only front and rear of the building.

Funds, of course, are limited.  We are focused on the possible, the practical, the economical.  We would like to be minimalists, but we are not.  We are not seeking to impress the public with grandeur or extravagance, but simply to build a home that is naturist friendly.

Thoughts, ideas, contributions very welcome.

4 thoughts on “Architecture for the at home naturist”

  1. We have our share of gawkers across the pond, and I have had neighbors who admitted to using a large telescope aimed in our direction. Not much to see here: aging, overweight, balding. I wouldn’t mind if they would get naked as well. In the daytime, you can’t see through the glare of our windows, but at night that’s not a problem and we are quite visible.

    All of this is why I feed my fantasy of building a little garden park where I can be nude outdoors all day.

  2. One feature that has worked very well for me at the Casa is that the home and the shop are located up a climbing driveway that is well above the street. I can rome freely across (the upper part) of my property completely naked and the cars traveling by down below pay no notice.

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