**Breaking News** The Real Reason for the Decline in Naturism?

It’s called the internet and digital cameras / camera phones! I’ve been in Lanzarote the last two weeks and visited the airport beach a number of times. It’s used by nudists as there are no apartments or hotels nearby. Unfortunately the beach is full of photographers, gawpers and perverts! At any one time I had up to 3 or 4 cameras or phones pointed in my direction. People pretending they were taking photos or airplanes or the person they were with, and pointing the camera or phone at me! I regard this as gross invasion of privacy, harassment and ruining what I hoped would be a relaxing day out! I flagged down a policeman and complained, he insisted these people were doing nothing illegal unless they did something nasty with the images they had taken of me online! He then told me to go away, he had proper police business to attend to! It’s a shame as it’s a beautiful beach, very few naturists use it anymore for the reasons I’ve outlined. I’m guess lots of people have had similar experiences, anybody got any thoughts on this?

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