Spring is here

Spring is here but winter still has it’s cold grip on us. With only a few days left in  March of 2020 it snowed all day yesterday but today it is gently raining. I’ve been cold all winter and had very little nude time even in my own home so I am really looking forward to some warmer weather.

With COVID-19 making it’s rounds I am working from home like so many other people. Our local government has not yet ordered a lockdown but I’m sure it will be coming soon. In other parts of our country the provinces of Quebec and Ontario or on three and two week lockdown respectivly. At least I can do my job at home and enjoy some form of freedom from clothes.

As I type this on my computer my work one is to my left and I am sitting here dressed only in a sweater to keep warm. At least I can “Donald Duck it” and enjoy some freedom.

What about you, how are you doing in your part of the world – are you getting in your nude time or activity?

5 thoughts on “Spring is here”

  1. I am in northern Wyoming and it is still cold here. I have found that on a 55 degree day that is calm and sunny it will get up to 65+ on my back porch. I was able to sunbath for a few hours on several days recently. I am already getting a slight tan!

  2. We’ve had beautiful sunshine early last week in Wiltshire followed by cold nights and winds over weekend. If you can fine a sheltered spot it was glorious in the sunshine but cold when it disappears. Sadly Jane was working at the hospital during the best days when I topped up my tan. At least today was sunny again

  3. Isn’t the weather fickle? I’ve managed to sunbathe naked all week in my garden. Albeit in a sheltered spot out of the wind! Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror I see that I’ve got the start of a tan! Roll on summer!

  4. The weather is still on the cold side here on the Southern Oregon coast, about thirty miles inland. A few weeks ago we got a couple nice shots of sun. Butt this cold rainy weather is normal for another 5-7 weeks.

  5. It was a mild winter in central Texas, and I’ve had to do yard work (mainly mowing) since early February. In the back yard, we have a privacy fence so I’m able to work there in the nude. Out front, not so much. I usually wear shorts (along with the shoes, gloves, and hat that I wear in the back) while mowing. The county I live in hasn’t gone to firm lockdown, just recommended distancing, but they have closed dining rooms and some parks. Other counties have been stricter. Since I’m retired, no worries about work, but my wife hasn’t retired yet and was sent home for two weeks. We’ll see if that gets extended next week. So, on the whole, things are OK for me, and I’m getting my usual amount of nude time.

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