Nude Lookout

Last weekend I was travelling from south central BC to the central interior. Along the way there is a lookout over Kamloops Lake. I thought I might try for some time of nude lounging above the look if there was no one around. As I got closer I could see people above it so I just keep going. A short distance up the highway I spotted a small pullout and qickly took it.

Getting out of my vehicle I wasnt sure if I could go to the hill side over looking the lake or not. As I approached I could see a way and took it. This led me around some out croppings that shielded me from view.

Stripping there I spent about 45 minutes walking hundreds of feet above the lake with a commanding view. Avoidi g the small cactus that grows in this area and watching out for rattle snakes I had an enjoyable time.

I plane to use this spot again when I travel this route. Only next time I’ll bring a chair and camera to capture some memories (and maybe share).

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