Police chief says WNBR should cover up.

Brighton, (UK), police chief says WNBR riders should told to “conceal their most intimate parts”. This is just one more example of how the law is both interpreted and applied, based on one individual’s personal opinion and prejudices. Everyone else then say’s: “it’s just the law”… What a load of trottle.

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  1. <p>Our Police chief told us the same thing. ."cover  up". .</p>
    <p> My lady and i were working on a project in our garage.. yep,    au naturel. . and   we apparently had the door  up too high,as    ppl could see us… we'd recently moved to the city, and  i was 'testing the waters'.. the gets ppl's attitude on nudity. .it wasnt  a good  idea, as   The  COP drove by , he said , 2-3 times before he stopped and   told us he and  ever yone who passes by   can see us nude..   he was ok with it,but  our neighbors to the south have a little kid..,and  her seein us nude  was his concern. Thus he advised us to   cover up.. ..   he was smiling  the whole time…</p>
    <p>the next time we  work in the  garage au naturel we'll   position  the truck  so  no one sees us. . .</p>
    <p>    comments ?  questions?       </p>

  2. In the article Chief Superintendent Kemp states: ‘I am, however, concerned about the distress that full nudity may cause to other people in the city’. This is just (yet) another case of ‘prudery by proxy’, that is where people claim that is not they themselves who have a problem with nudity, but it is other unknown people who have a problem with nudity.

    It seems to me that this is a tactic which is used by people who *do* actually have a problem with nudity themselves, but do not have the strength of argument to defend or justify their position.

  3. I'm not aware of major issues with full nudity on the WNBR Brighton event previously. As said above, naked is naked!

    I know people involved in running this event, stewarding etc, I'll try to find out if they've heard if naked is not naked in Brighton and whether they've been asked to warn nude participants!

  4. Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! The police chief states that "nudity is not automatically an offence" but he is "concerned about the distress that full nudity may cause to other people in the city." He might feel distressed on Saturday , but I'm certain most of the people in his jurisdiction won't be.

    As a person who's already participated in WNBRs in the UK and on the continent, I can say *for the record* that YES, a handful of people will be shocked/appalled/offended by the sight of unclothed bodies riding by, but a MAJORITY of onlookers are quite supportive.

  5. Yet again we seem to have the police not actually understanding the law, this sounds remarkably like one man's is off what the law should be rather than what it is.

    He should remember that the police do not make the laws, nor is it their job to interpret them to meet their own standards.

    Perhaps we should send him the leaflet about nudity laws that's knocking about. Hopefully BN will drop him a line to put him straight too.

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