Feeling philosophical…

Feeling philosophical today, trying not to step on anyones toes here with this thought…

Statement: Humans like to cause chaos.

Fact: The societal norm is textile.

Fact: Although depicted in all forms of art, human nudity is a social taboo.

Argument: Being nude is a method of causing chaos, since being nude is against the societal norm and taboo.

Argument: It is theoretically conceivable that the draw for nudism is to create chaos.

Question to ponder: If being nude was widely accepted would there be such a draw to be nude?

Theoretical Answer: Yes. In fact, in theory, even more humans would chose to be nude if it were more widely accepted. It would be no different than interracial marriage, gay marriage or other past societal taboos.

Argument: Some societal taboos have been proven to be more than just choice and have been accepted as genetic.

Question to ponder: Do we enjoy being nude as a method of releasing positive endorphins, or as method of protest?

I'm opening this up for discussion. Thoughts?

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  1. For me it's twofold. Firstly the physical sensation of wearing clothes varies from feeling constrained and constricted to downright uncomfortable. So if it were socially acceptable to be naked most of the time I would be, weather permitting of course I have pretty good cold tolerance but there are limits.
    The other aspect is more complex. It depends what you mean by 'causing chaos'. We live in a chaotic world where people are conditioned, amongst other things into poor body image and guilt about showing it. Much of the chaos of the world is also due to the many ways people abuse each other and the planet: financially, physically etc.
    If 'stirring it'is 'causing chaos' then I plead guilty. But stirring it for me has the objective of reducing chaos long term by provoking people to challenge norms and question assumptions and drawing attention to wrongs. And Naked protest is a great way of doing this. At the same time I get the physical comfort and fun of going without clothes in publuic

  2. It is quite clear from society in general that only a few “Humans like to cause chaos.”. Most of the time, life goes on peacefully even taking into account crime and war.
    “Argument: Being nude is a method of causing chaos, since being nude is against the societal norm and taboo.”
    I think that is false logic of the kind “dogs like chocolate, I like chocolate, therefore I am a dog”.

  3. For the majority of naturists, I think it's about comfort, there's not much point in going naked in the back garden if all it is is a protest.

    There is a huge problem in today's society where body image is important, you only have to see /hear the reasons of some young people on seeing a naked older person to realise how prevalent body fascism is. I think it's the car of being judged harshly by peers that forces A lot of people to keep for clothes on.

  4. I found it interesting in the movie "Blindness" about an epidemic where everyone suddenly ends up blind, many people end up not bothering to dress.
    The movie wasn't that great, with many plot flaws. The book was even worse. I couldn't get past the first chapter.

    It does underline your point however, if nakedness wasn't a social taboo, I think a lot more people would go naked if they could.

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