Who For?

We sat having a snack of biscuits & other little nibbles, four of us just being lazy in a rare warm afternoons sun. As often happens we each made pathetic attempts to 'suck in' that extra roll of flesh that seems to have appeared since last autumn. Being naked makes us more exposed than is often realised! My friends wife has an uncanny ability to ask that question, that makes your brain search frantically at the speed of light, for an answer that is neither stupid or too truthful as to sound crazy! She looked at us each attempting to not notice the aforesaid bulges, she asked quietly, "When you get naked, who is it for?" Really meaning that almost subconscious pose we all adopt each time we stand up or sit down, that attempt to look lean & healthy, that hopeful stance that says 'I still haven't added any extra pounds!' But just who are we fooling? Who is this naked self exposing thing for? Do we truly care how healthy (or unhealthy?) we look? Are we on a fitness trip anyway being a part of this naturist world that we created? Do we get naked purely for ourselves and the freedom of no clothes? or do we have another motive?

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  1. Who is it for? Me. Sorry if that sounds selfish but if other people have a problem with my body, they have the problem not me. My body is none of their business. We have far too much "display" in society, too much reliance on a "look" and more importantly, too many people being fooled by that look into thinking someone who looks a certain way is in fact a nice person. Think of the neatly dressed politician who smiles and waves but all the time is screwing everyone. Don't be fooled by looks.

  2. For me personally health is an important aspect of connecting with nature and being naked.
    I am slightly overweight. I would like to be a little trimmer. Not so much to look trimmer, but to ensure as I get older I maintain my health.

    Since I have paid more attention to what I eat, so I have noticed how inappropriate many foods are. Look at the Kj or Cal on many prepared foods and you will see nearly all of them exceed what you should ideally consume per meal. That little slice of cake that tempts you with coffee. Nearly an entire meal on its own, sometimes half your necessary energy intake.

    What I find particularly obscene are "hunger buster" meals. Some over half your daily requirement in a single meal.

    With obesity being such a significant factor these days, I think it is good to be mindful of what you eat. It's probably good motivation to be clothes free and see for yourself how large you might be getting. I think one problem that goes hand in hand with our of control weight is the ability to hide it with baggy clothes. I know for a fact I did this as I was embarrassed at my beer gut.

    Balancing all this out, I don't believe dieting is the way to go. I think lifestyle change is required where you are conscious of what you eat, and exercise and rest accordingly.
    I think BMI is a joke as it doesn't account for large people who are very fit and healthy, but don't fit into the beanpole category.

    Although I'm not the weight I'd ideally like to be, I don't feel the need to suck in my gut only because I walk about 10km per day and cycle around 15-20km per night.

    I get naked for myself and for my health. I can well remember a time when I'd do exactly what you're talking about. Now I know the only person I'm fooling is myself. If I do suck in my gut, it's so I can keep myself motivated and see the flat lean guy I used to be in my 20s.

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