4 naturist activities in one weekend

Last weekend, I managed to squeeze in 4 activities in one weekend, here goes

sat 10-2pm Naked ramble with the Blackpool and Fylde Sun Club.(BFSC) off the Fleetwood seafront (ok the tide was out) 5.5 miles in total, sunny but really cold in the wind. It included a visit to the Wyre Light a disused lighthouse marking a channel entrance, and a growing rock bank that we stopped on at lunch. a few did strip off but not everyone. it was cold…. 15 in total. A good afternoon wandering round fleetwood, including a visit to wind up one of the bfsc members who ironically sells clothes on the market, plus a fish tea.

sat 7-9 regular monthly naturist swim at Poulton YMCA organised by the BFSC, with a record 50 people there, including 5 new people. With a 20m pool, sauna and steam room, there is not much room to swim once everyone got talking! I did manage 40 lengths, mostly at the start and end. Most also dissapeared to the pub to put the textile world to rights. of course i did not stay, as I had a drive up north to do…..

Sun 9:30 – 12:30 regular weekly naturist swim at Glasgow Western Baths managed a mile, but spent a lot more time relaxing in the various rooms – Sauna, Steam room, Russian room, Tepidarium, Frigidarium, plus the cold plunge pool (as it was the same day as the Marie Curie skinny dips, thought i would join them in coldness, before jumping back in the sauna!) Numbers seemed to be down a bit, but with the end of half term, plus the skinny dip, it was to be expected.

Sun 2-5 Ardeer beach, the only non organised bit! but a very nice few hours enjoying the scottish sun

all in all a great weekend, just need a few days off to recover…

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