It's raining right now. I actually like the rain and rainy days. There's quite a lot you can do with them. There aren't nearly enough in Australia.

When I lived in New Zealand by the beach, rainy days were perfect for heading along the beach to collect fresh pacific oysters from the rocks when the tide went out.
During winter you'd absolutely freeze in the cold and wet. It made the warm hot shower afterwards all the better.

In New Zealand it seemed you'd get a big storm blow in the end of February March and it wouldn't leave until late December early January. It was however lush and green, and there were probably far more acceptable days than I remember. Living in a far colder climate in winter now, it's clear that I didn't know what cold was. 17C was my discomfort zone then. I can be comfortable at 10 and 12 these days. My wife turned on the central heating the other day. The house was about 17 and I felt like I was sweltering after all the naked time at much lower temps.

I'm waiting for a day I can free hike around 5-6C. That and a day I can free hike in the rain. It's a little too cold in winter to try that. It's very important to avoid hypothermia.
A bright sunny day for the low temps, and a not so icy day for the rain hike.
Like all things in life, make the very most of what's at hand.

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  1. Canberra is 700M so it gets cold here in winter. It even snows sometimes! The Blue Mountains 30m from Sydney are 1200M. It definitely snows up there.
    It gets damned hot in both these places as well. Way too hot. In Canberra there are at least 3 or more days above 40. In NT it's always hot. Friends up there have reported 32C at 3am in the morning.
    Big country. Big temperature ranges 🙂

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