Life Drawing

After feeling inspired by my children’s artistic efforts in an art class we recently enrolled them in, I decided to join the adult life drawing class. I wouldn’t consider myself

Contextual Nakedness

I’ve recently been reading some academic papers and research on social attitudes toward nudity over the last century. Some of the interesting background material highlights the contradictory nature of the

Naked Rights

I have to say I’m in great admiration of Urban Nudists including Steve Gough for challenging people’s comfort zone where applicable. “Hey man, it's just a dick” nicely sums up

Not a Nudist

I am happily and unapologetically not a nudist. I've never in my life considered myself a nudist, and though I have tried at times to comprehend and understand the nudist

Religion (again)

I have commented previously how much it slays me to see people grapple with their religious beliefs. I suspect the reason it troubles me so deeply is because it's far

The Accidental Nudist

I feel compelled to write this blog because MarcNude’s three stages of nudity ( provides a great insight for some, but definitely not for those like myself who perhaps don't

The Right to be Clothed

Over the last few years I've observed the various arguments for and against clothes, and indeed clothing optional venues. Nudists often argue that there is something very unsavoury going on

Site Moderation

Behind the scenes of the Naktiv site there has always been a team of moderators ensuring that the and of the site are adhered to. This is accomplished


The closing remarks I made in a comment in this blog were perhaps a little strong. That said, as you come to understand how the mind functions and the


It strikes me as somewhat curious that when a particularly attractive female posts photos of themselves there seems to be a flow of gushing compliments about how beautiful they are,

Being Naked book review

I just finished reading Being Naked by Sally Dali which is a short pleasant autobiography available from Amazon books ( I enjoyed the simple easy style that the author had

Picture Standards

Images of naked people. Yuk right? They have their dangly bits hanging out, piercings, tattoos. How about the old flabby ones. Who wants to see all that? Can't they just

Shame and Naturism

Have you discovered how artificial clothes are? How we, the collective, use them to conceal our true nature, use them as a facade to make ourselves feel powerful, relaxed, sexual


World peace and harmony is achievable within our lifetime because we have it within ourself to stop seeing the world with hatred and fear. YOU and I can change ourselves


I read an article this morning that used an illustration that ended up being two innocent clicks away from hardcore pornography. Ticked off I expressed my thoughts about it here:

spreading the word

Of late I've been doing some interesting reading about the spread of ideas and why and how things catch on. Among a handful of reasons is social currency. That is,

The Great Divide?

Often I can appreciate both sides of an argument and completely understand where both sides stand and why. Sometimes this is a blessing because I happen to be in a

I'm Naked!

DISCLAIMER: This is a strongly opinionated piece. If you feel I might be criticising you personally, please don't feel that way. I am not thinking of, or speaking about anyone

Positive Change

Earlier this year I joined The Australian Naturist Federation and took on the webmaster role. The main reason I joined the ANF was so that I could interface with an

Bare Beaches

I’ve just returned from a great week away at the coast with my family. Interestingly my phone turned to a brick on the first day away, so I’ve spent the

New Report