It strikes me as somewhat curious that when a particularly attractive female posts photos of themselves there seems to be a flow of gushing compliments about how beautiful they are, how stunning the photo is etc.
By comparison, similarly composed photos posted by males of themselves in similar settings barely raise a passing comment let alone any kind of compliment about how striking or handsome they are. What a striking figure they might be to encounter on a stroll.

What are your thoughts on this observation? I invite you to review numerous female photos compared to male photos as I have done on the site to confirm this anomaly.

18 thoughts on “Objectification?”

  1. As an older straight male I still have some inhibitions about commenting on other men's appearance and usually only comment on a photo when the whole picture is remarkable from an artistic viewpoint. I was also well trained by feminists in the 70's to avoid appearing the objectify women so try to applt the same to them.

    I am slowly changing this way of doing things as whilst all bodies are in their own way attractive some are so damn beautiful that they deserve a comment. i say slowly as I'm still a bit shy of comments being taken the wrong way.

    • I too was afraid that my comments might be misinterpreted , but I realised that I don't much care what people think of me and that I should support and encourage everyone. I'll comment on an old guy's photo just as readily as a young women's. It takes some gumption to be so open and proud enough of it to post naked photos of oneself. I'll celebrate it for sure.

  2. I guess my comments arise from the fact that my wife does not enjoy nudity, so my comments are meant more as an encouragement. Women don't take on the nudist lifestyle as easily as men do, so for the few that do enjoy this lifestyle, and are also willing to post pictures on this or other sites, that are true, nudist pictures, and not sexual at all, I hope to encourage and support them as much as possible.

  3. It is not necessary to reduce women to the status of an object in order to find them beautiful. The context if the photos here is also important. These are usually images of people enjoying a lifestyle ideal we all share, one that carries with it a healthy sense of positive body image. That carries with it a certain beauty and confidence of its own that might be missed by others who do not share it. It is a contrast with the way women are actually objectified by the rest of society, leading to many of the unhealthy consequences with which we are all too familiar. The question raised by this post supposes a tendency of lecherous ne'er do wells being more inclined than others to pass comment and for sinister reasons. I prefer another assumption based upon my experience of meeting fellow naturists face to face. If there is a bias in the number of pictures of women complemented, it is out of a readiness to encourage those fellow naturists who happen to be women in overcoming the artificial anxieties created by our society and for which our shared interest is a welcome antidote. Have some faith.

  4. I agree much with Happy Bare. The audience here being primarily male, there's no wonder most of the comments will be from men…

    Then there's societal norms: Harassment notwithstanding, men complimenting women on their looks is more socially accepted than women complimenting men. Women have sex drives, same as men, so why is this true?

    * Visually, women are more sexually idealized than men. Go to a store's magazine aisle and count the number of magazines based on women's looks vs. men's — not even close to being balanced…

    * Culturally, it's more expected and accepted that women are the gatekeepers, while men are the pursuers…

    * Individually, it can also be women protecting themselves. A man's compliment often gets lost in a crowd. But when a woman gives a compliment, be it here or Facebook or other sites, she inevitably gets a deluge of "friend requests" and other attempts to engage…

  5. I figure that 90% of the people here are middle aged or older guys, who have no qualms about stripping off for any suitable occasion. I don't care if no one gushes about how attractive or fit or creative I am for an old guy, and frankly I don't expect folks (other old guys) to say too much. I know that women struggle a lot more with body image, and I and other guys compliment and encourage them, cause we would rather look at pictures of naked women than of ourselves. If i came upon an Adonis in a well executed photo, I would surely comment favourably. I have examined objectively some of the photos displayed, and while there are some very compelling photos of men, I really do prefer the ladies. As a matter of fact, today a new member posted a picture of himself with his motorcycle, I remarked on his great looking bike, and told him he looked OK too. I don't think that men need their egos stroked as much as the women do.

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