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Friday night our friends invited my wife and I over to their home. My friend Tony was letting us try his new Double Pale Ale. It was awesome. My wife and I are taking a financial course by the famous Dave Ramsey, and another couple from the class joined the beer tasting after the class was over. All 6 of us were sitting around the fire pit drinking this new beer. Tony and his wife know that I am a Naturist, and are accepting but they haven't taken the plunge yet, but there was a new couple there. We know them well but they didn't know about me being a Naturist. So, we were chatting about different stuff and Tony pipes up and says…"Hey, there's a Nudist beer and wine festival in Pennsylvania in about a month, are you planning on going ?

The other couple was like laughing hysterically…because they thought Tony was kidding around..

I was like What? Cool !! LETS GO ! It's actually near Boston…

The other couple was like Yeah..Right!! Who would ever do that!!??

Then I told the other couple sitting across from me that I was a Naturist. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THEIR FACES…

SHOCK, HORROR, AND AWE, all wrapped up in dismay….hahahaha. LOL. It was so funny, the dropped jaw and open mouth.

I wish someone had snapped a photo.

I then went to explain that I am a biblical naturist. Having arrived at Naturism via studying if it was ok for me to do based on being a born again christian. You could have heard a pin drop.

After the conversation they were very accepting. It's so funny to me when I tell people. The reactions are just funny to me..

It strikes me as strange that Nudity is so taboo. Even they considered it at first to be wrong based upon their own definition, because in their mind they immediately saw nudity equal shame.

Its so interesting that people equate these two things together, but that is what the textile world has created.

I was also disappointed that we didn't all get in the hot tub… maybe next time. z

and the beer was pretty amazing. A Belgian Wit, and a Double IPA with 7.7 ABV. yum.


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      • That's as strong as wine. It must be consumed with some degree of caution. Clearly it's not a Bud. Where I live, in Montreal, a local brewer, Mcauslan, makes a fine Russian Imperial Stout every year that comes available around Christmas. You have to reserve cases many months in advance. It is a delight. Good for you. You're bringing fine beer consciousness single handedly.

        • Sounds Like a nice beer. I really like Bourbon County Stout. It comes out ever Nov. it's gone in like 3 days. There is a 2-4 pack minimum. It is about the best I have had for Bourbon Barrel. Well, except for a friends homemade stuff. Him and his friends each make 5 gallons and then purchase a big 50+ gallon barrel and combine all their brews together into one batch.
          He usually kegs 10 gallons so when we go camping we bring our snifter glasses and just sip it. Just cupping your hand over the too of the glass and breathing the essence of the beer is truly amazing. It's almost as good as drinking it. One 12oz bottle is almost overkill for 2 people because it is such a rich beer. It is my favorite out of everything. Especially for sitting around the campfire with friends. Good times. 🙂

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