Strange observations

It never ceases to amaze me just how unbalanced society is.
The last few weeks I've been walking around the lake in town after work. It's a pleasant one hour stroll and very popular with cyclists, joggers and walkers.

Two things that really strike me as odd is this.
The lycra tights many women seem to wear these days are so incredibly skin tight it borders on pointless wearing anything at all for all that the tights theoretically conceal. In many cases it's very little, with many vulvas clearly outlined should you care to make the observation.

The second oddity is that as a male, I can stroll as damn near to naked as I please. At any time I can remove my top and be clad in nothing more than shorts sufficient to conceal my crotch and buttocks. It occurred to me this evening just how ludicrous it is that women don't have the same privilege.

One last strange observation.

Given the somewhat cooler temps, about 11C today, and no heating at work, I've been wearing a thermal vest and long john's.
Quickly changing out of that is kind of a drag so tonight I simply stripped the outer layers and jogged in the thermals. Translated, that's effectively jogging in my underwear.
The funny aspect of it, compared to the compression wear everyone sports these days, you really can't tell the difference. At least not in the low light.
In my own mind to some extent I basically figure "I'm not naked," so what's anyone got to gripe about.

4 thoughts on “Strange observations”

  1. With the ever increasing trend to tight tights style clothing women are wearing now, the imagination of the male species has been given a rest period. Why do they need to use imagination when these new trends show just about everything anyway.

  2. The skin-tight lycra only serves to *accentuate* the bulges, creases and crevices, usually, imho. Many people appear to feel they are "covered decently" in some way, without realizing quite how tactile the view, of their lycra being slurped up into and around their bodily orifices, really is. Quite comical, actually 😀

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