You are nude, you are Christian, but are you still hiding?

When I first started to live a true naturist lifestyle, it was when my wife and I were in a spiritual struggle within our church (around the mid 1990's). The Church was going through some theological changes and we were soon going along with the changes (but still struggling). During that time, God led me to a book called "Family Naturism" (no longer published), which was a pictorial book of people at nudist resorts around the world. I sat down and thought that "this is beautiful" in my exact words. I was astounded! I wish to this day I bought that book, but we were also financially tight and I was not ready to tell my wife about this new-found freedom.

Keep in mind however, I was already hooked to being nude as much as possible, though I still had "religious fears" about it. My wife and I were always comfortable around each other in the nude from the beginning. But we still had clothing issues as well. Again, religious fears and concerns were more mine than my wifes. I did go nude a lot since I was 12 years old (privately), but it was as much sexual as it was a simple joy in my life. I loved it, yet I feared it. I certainly feared others finding out about it.

Soon after this book, I found a magazine called "Nude and Natural" (Big N logo on the cover) and found an article called "205 Arguments and Observations for Nudity" or something like that. I bought the magazine and kept it hidden in my car for a week or so before digging it out to show my wife. The article had a surprisingly lot of biblical references including the claim that early Christians baptized in the nude. I didn't know that! It was a spiritual awakening as well as a physical one. As we discussed this (not argued, we did talk about it) we prayed about it. The first time we deliberately stopped to pray, actually talked to God about this, my wife said she felt a weight lift off of her and she immediately accepted this way of life and is still going strong with belief today.

That is when I took up the mantle, did a maddeningly huge study on it, and wrote articles (started off as an apologetic, a style of writing) which later became website and blog articles which expands to today. About eight years later, we picked up on CNC, which was led by Allen Parker and two other Christian Nudist leaders who all knew me by my articles I posted over the previous years. My wife and I attended a CNC event in 2005, which happened to be the very last event for Allen Parker and his team. They decided to pass it off to someone who can carry this mantle. I was picked with a unanimous vote. Not that any one else was nominated. I was the only one nominated by a single lady at the event. So it was a "land slide vote" so to speak. I think it's because nobody else wanted it, so anyone would do.

We started out strong, but many stopped walking with us because they felt the CNC is not going the way they think it should. But for those who stuck with us, we are still going strong and are feeling the need to bring in new laborers to continue this message.

Speaking of laborers, one of the reason I became well known in the Christian Nudist community is because there were not that many Christian Nudist writers. There were some, but some, like Chief Dan, who was well known, backed out for the sake of another ministry he is focusing on. So one became lesser so another can become greater is happening again. The Laborers are growing, more and more writers and bloggers and posters are all over in Christian Naturism today than there were then. So I become less, so they can become greater (and they are better writers anyway).

However, that does not stop us from continuing, especially with the events we are having at the resorts. CNC (Christian Nudist Convocation) is growing, though at times we shrink some, but in a way that we are growing as group leaders. We hope to find more laborers to help us expand CNC throughout the country, without compromising the message.

It is time to stop hiding behind our blog posts and start coming out in person to speak, teach, help, grow, expand, and bring out the Christians who are nude, but still hiding. WE can no longer hide behind our blogs, and no longer hide inside the pools and hot tubs of the resorts. We need to BE what God called us to be. We are Christians, followers of The Way (early church name) and we must reconcile our relationship with Christianity and Naturists.

Yes, the Church (et al) that is clothed, has hurt a lot of nudists, and some are ashamed to be called Christians, or hide that fact openly. It is time to bring back, reconcile, redeem, what Christ has already done, and announce this Good News of Reconciliation! Be reconciled means we are reconciled, just start living it. This is the time, NOW! Get out from behind your fig leaves and bushes.

This year, 2014, "Reconciliation Revisited" is our theme and we hope MANY will come and be a physical presence to the truth that is evident in our lives right now in Christ.

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