Activists and Naturists…

I mentioned Gough  many years ago on this site.  Does anyone here remember Vincent Bethel? and if you do, what are/were your thoughts about him at the time?
I moved to Norwich City Centre in August.  Very warm… and a great place to be.  Having met some great people in a restaurant, I decided to sit in a lovely small church square garden I had found.  I took off my clothes and lit my pipe and strolled around this lovely space.  It was 11pm, so I thought, OK?  ANYWAY, an off-duty policeman came up to me and suggested I should get dressed.  I explained very politely that being naked in the UK is not against the law.  The obvious response was “indecent exposure” which any one passing could call the active police in the area.  Well after some discussion on this point, and deciding to get dressed. it suddenly struck me that women can never be accused of indecent exposure, because nothing is seen???  That really ????ed me off but true and OK!

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