Our environment

The environment is our word for the place in which we live. Pigs are
naturally clean creatures, in their natural forest environment – they
only get smelly when humans cram them into an unnaturally small space.
Locusts clear the very ground of every edible thing when they
periodically hatch and swarm, there’s nothing left for next time
unless their progeny hide for a number of years waiting for their
environment to recover sufficiently. As humans we have a brain capable
of realizing these things, seeing the parallels with our own
situation, and making positive or negative choices which affect the
way we use or abuse our environment.

We are clearly powerful enough to make lasting and substantial changes
to the world around us. Allegedly we are intelligent enough to make
informed decisions on how we interact with our environment. Being
naked is one positive step in our dealings with nature. It’s not
complicated: we use less textile materials, dyes, transport
mechanisms, slave labour and cleaning chemicals, when we use less
clothing. To do something positive today, about tomorrow, get naked,
how much simpler can it be?

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