Nudist clubs and public attitudes

I made a comment recently about how “the staid traditional club nudist venue is expiring”. I’d like to clarify that this was not intended to be especially negative towards clubs as a naked venue per se. A nudist club is equivalent to a football club, an activity shared by others, and a place to share that activity with specialist knowledge. But just as playing football is NOT restricted to a football club, so should nudity NOT be restricted to a private nudist club.

The intention behind my remark was to describe the awful attitude, which so very many club-members seem to have, that theirs is the only way to “do” nudism. THAT is why naturism (in those venues) is dying out and member numbers are dropping so consistently in most of these singular locations and across national organizations. Too much exclusivity and not enough open-minded acceptance of how the rest of the world operates. Many club afficcionados seem to be under the illusion that public nudity will undermine the sacrosanct preserve of the private club. To which I can only reply with the observation that football clubs don’t stop people playing football in the streets, in fact they do quite the opposite by encouraging people to play football in open and public spaces. Every sort of other example abounds.

As soon as you engage people in extracuricular activities, get off your deck-chairs, and get out in public or open spaces, you encourage a younger crowd to participate in the lifestyle. This is the ONLY way to promote nudity successfully and THEN more people would use the clubs, and for reasons other than to hide away from the great unwashed. One should be able to be naked anywhere and in any context, and the public doesn’t actually mind at all. The more people who see naked activities the more accepted it becomes. This is shown to be true by naked hiking, nude art installations in city centres, naked boat tours, naked gardening at home, WNBR events, naked sunbathing on any public beach, and so forth.

So get off your butt and get out there 🙂

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  1. Yes indeed, Yvonne. There are good reasons for nudist clubs, and that's why I wanted to clarify my earlier remark, but exclusivity is not one of them. As you said, building social networks, having a safe place to try the idea out and so forth, are all valid reasons for going to clubs (if you are lucky enough to have one nearby).

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