dating nudist

My husband got nudism into his mind that this was something that we should try. My initial response was complete and abject horror–who hasn't had that nightmare where you are

Open letter to Yvonne

Open letter to Yvonne in reply to her blog, I will reply just the once. That your photo was attached to my shared blog post on to FB. was

Where 'Naked Crow' is available

Hello! Instead of throwing more and more posts on the wall that contain links and such, here's a comprehensive list of where "Naked Crow" is for sale: Smashwords: (Every


Sometimes I'm surprised about how people in the nudist/naturist way of life emphasise how nude they are. Nude when they read something, nude when they sit on the couch and

First Time..

The day after my Double Dog Dare foray out into the World and the next morning I was contemplating my stupidity, but laughing because of how ridiculous it was. I

self judgement

We were talking last night. My wife and I. I tried Naturism this past summer. She was afraid to go. Said she couldn't participate because she didn't feel pretty enough.

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