Are nudists their own worst enemy?

Nudists and naturists often complain that they are misunderstood by the world at large, by mainstream society. On many mainstream social networking sites, such as Facebook, nudity is banned unless associated with sex and violence. One would think nudists would welcome the opportunity to share their lifestyle with the mainstream.

Often, though, it seems that the very people who, at first ken, are most vocal about promoting their naturism, when given the opportunity, simply use their platform to pull down other people's efforts to promote the lifestyle. This has happened to Skinbook, possibly the most successful social networking platform of the early part of the new millenia. And this happens again and again, on Faceache too, where people constantly personalize their activities, instead of focusing on the issues at hand. Permitting personalities, and personal issues, to get in the way of progress. The gay community found strength and focus in "coming out", together, and the naked lifestyle community needs to do the same.

It is way past time for the naked community to stand fast, to support one another instead of promulgating division. Naked people need to be inclusive, not exclusive. It is time to grow up.

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  1. if most naturists knew about the efficacy and benefits, then society would not have been so harsh on this way of life. better understanding of the values, is needed.

    to quote the words of our friend Alan Christensen here – on 2nd point…

    "Clothing limits our bodies interaction with the world. The body needs to breathe it reacts to stimuli and produces stonger connections in our neurosystems. The effects of which are to strengthen our brain's ability to ward off diseases of the mind like dementia."

    The more whole body is exposed to sun light & fresh air, the more healthier it will be.

    to understand the way body/ mind gets benefitted with naturist way of life, is the science associated with it…

  2. I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it; Being a naturist is the closest a straight person can come to know what it feels like to be gay. The fear of rejection, the need to hide a part of yourself, the secret associations and the fear of consequences to housing and employment are just the same. Also, when you "come out" as a naturist, people pay heed to the sexual side of your nature, it brings their attention to bear on something people usually ignore. The pressures and consequences in principal feel the same. I know, I've done both!

    The naturist community is about 20 years behind the gay community in campaigning for equality and acceptance. That campaign was driven mainly by being open and honest about your sexuality and saying, "This is me, get over it." We need to do the same as naturists.

    I started a new job before Christmas and told them I live with a man fairly quickly. It was only today that during a conversation where someone mentioned stripping naked to celebrate success in a difficult task, that I showed them my BN membership card. I'm sure there will be questions later, but that will be my opportunity to normalise naturism to them. If we all did that, then things will change very quickly.

    Be proud of who you are, and don't be scared to come out, you'll find it much easier to live without the need for secrecy.

  3. in the first place, we nudists need to be aware of the efficacy of naturism as a natural way of life, a science in itself…Need to spread the awareness about the benefits of this spiritual science!

    When we do this, we will be able to remove the perception of society about nudism as a kind of immoral activity, which is a total misunderstanding of this natural way of life…
    That will enlighten general public about the purity of naturism and efficacy of the practice.

    • I would disagree on three points here. First, naturists already know the efficacy of their way of life, that is not the issue here. Second, this way of life and the associated spirituality are not even remotely a science. It is easy to note the huge advances made by real science and to try to hitch a ride on that success by using the word in a loose or casual manner, but scientific thought works in a radically different way to spiritual thinking. Lastly, hijacking the idea of “natural” to mean good, kind, sustainable etc. is daft. Cancer is natural, so is falling off a cliff, being eaten by a crocodile or becoming old and infirm. Natural is very nasty indeed and the more we can use science and technology to ease us away from the real natural life, so much the better.

      Richard is right, we are often our own worst enemies. So many hide their interest both physically and socially. We should all (naturist/nudist/naktiv) be as open about our life to everyone as we would be about golf, swimming, stamp collecting or any other so-called normal activity.

  4. There was a documentary on Stephen Gough the naked rambler on bbc couple nights ago a subject that causes a lot of debate in the naturist community. Thinking about it in some ways it is an attack on the naturist community as it is an agenda set by the bbc also it highlights a person who sees things differently to your average naturist.I think the internet is not a good place as you really do not know who you are talking to some of the time. Maybe the best way to support each other is meeting in person at the many opportunities given to meet wherever we are geographically .For me personally attending my favorite beach (pednvounder)
    and talking to people and not keeping myself to myself puts me in a positive frame and builds unity with others.

  5. When I look at this, I see it as a deep complex problem for some of the following reasons.
    One part of the problem is that the group of people are so diverse, with so many conflicting values, that they can't act as a single group on their own.
    At one end of the spectrum are those with quite high ideals who pursue nudity for health and spiritual reasons.
    At the other end of the spectrum are those who think it's perfectly ok to get naked and have sex in public.
    An exercise I've found useful to figure out the "Dao", the center or the path is the same method blind people with a cane use.
    They tap their cane either side to determine where not to go. Where the extremes are. The boundaries of their path.

    Where nakedness is concerned the extremes are no nakedness, not even in the shower. You live your life clothed at all times, never unclothed.
    The other extreme is nakedness all the time, even in extreme conditions, in public, in private etc.

    When you look at these two extremes neither is viable. The way things should be is somewhere in the middle.
    When clothes serve no practical purpose they shouldn't be worn. There is no need to be so hung up about the naked body. If your fear is the sexual associations it has, examine the extremes of that to enlighten yourself about the balance.
    I always use the example of indigenous people who were for the most part unclothed.
    Did they partake in out of control sexual conduct all day because they saw each other naked? Of course not. They avoided sexual deviance by not demonising the body or sex.
    If you look at nature, wildlife treat all activities equally. Walking, eating, defecating and fornication. We even document this with great fascination.

    Getting back to the point, people are mostly incapable of seeing beyond their own boundaries and desires. They can't see the bigger whole, nor a world in which they can be happy just being who and what they are. In order to feel the way they want, they must control everything in their world including others. They don't want anything that upsets them or challenges how they personally think the world should be.

    To some degree this is the great problem trying to moderate the site. Some find an image challenges their views of acceptability, others don't. Right there is your starting point to unraveling the problem.

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