Flame wars

I have had a rest from the Naktiv site for a while. One or two people started to claim that I had written or meant things that I had not, a clear sign of impeding trouble with the increased likelihood of a flame war developing. It seems such flame wars did develop but as I was no longer reading the Naktiv site, they thankfully passed me by. Flame wars do not help anyone, they do not help to promote the aims of the Naktiv site nor is there any chance that agreement will be obtained. The best thing to do is duck out, so I did.
I work with the idea that the Naktiv site exists to promote nudity. The key is promote, to make more widespread, help make nudity more accepted, to have fewer people given aggravation for being nude etc. etc. Internecine conflict will work against that promotion, making the site worth much less.
Robust opinions are one thing, people may disagree. Such disagreement makes the world go round and helps us all converge on the best solution to problems, to help us all to see things from a different viewpoint allowing different approaches to various issues. Flame wars are quite different in character, they are generally against the person (ad hominem arguments) rather than against their opinions. This is a useless mode of argument, more akin to tribal wars than intelligent debate.
I try to take an engineer’s approach to writing, short, accurate and to the point with no extraneous text to confuse the idea being put forward. That means there are no hidden agendas in what I write, what you see is the whole thing. If you think you can see a hidden agenda, think again, because it is not there.

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  1. Disagreements are there for us to learn, to mould our opinions as we have more information. Thanks for your thoughtful opinion and I, being of short prose am akin to writing in brief, appreciate your short and succinct "ramblings" And I have never seen a hidden agenda in anything of yours I have read. Welcome back 🙂

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