Women staying dressed

Yvonne’s blog on http://www.naktiv.net/blog/75/the-naked-woman-within-screaming-to-get-out/ highlights some of the problems women feel about nudity, particularly about body image and the “sense of comfort hiding behind clothes”. This goes very deep. Yesterday

Memes and Nudity

Modes of social behaviour are governed by memes, i.e. learned ideas and attitudes. A meme is described as "An element of a culture that may be considered to be passed

Naturist or Nudist?

Words, words words. Useful things words, but they convey different meanings to different people. There are seemingly endless arguments over the words nudist and naturist, nude and naked, ship and

Wound-healing naturism

Seeing the word wounded in Robert’s post made me think ( http://www.naktiv.net/blog/122/naturism-and-healing-the-wounded-soul/ ). There are three main reasons to stay shielded from the gaze of others if nude, the risk

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