Women staying dressed

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highlights some of the problems women feel about nudity, particularly about body image and the “sense of comfort hiding behind clothes”. This goes very deep.

Yesterday we had Paul and Vicky here for lunch. For years they have taken their annual holiday at naturist locations in Europe. Paul spends the whole time nude at home if warm enough but Vicky chooses not to. My wife has been with me to various naturist locations in Europe and Australia but she does not go nude at home whereas I always do. When they arrived, I was nude as they expected, Paul was also nude very quickly and we had a good lunch. Having known each other for decides and all of us being in stable, long term monogamous relationships we get along very well, as do our kids, they are also close friends with Paul and Vickie’s (now adult) kids.

But still the women stay dressed, even when it is hot. All four of us have been to naturist swims and socialised nude but the girl’s clothes stay on, the habit of staying dressed is very strong.

We have a long way to go.

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  1. Yep, it's interesting how the women know they are in a "safe" naked-friendly environment, and have all been to naked places during the year, and yet are still loathe to dispense with social convention when in the company of other females. Or males, or people, whatever.

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