MOPD – Multiple Online Personality Disorder…

I'm curious to see how many of you have what I call Multiple Online Personality Disorder. You have different logins, email addresses, avatars, accounts for the different aspects of your life. I think I have 10 active email addresses that I check fairly often. I have 2 different Facebook accounts. I run two blogs on blogger, three on Tumblr, I can go on, but I think you get the point.

I'm not really certain if this is a bad thing or not. Humans are complicated individuals, and sometimes I feel I am one of the most complicated. There are so many different aspects to my personality, and I know that many of the people that I share my alternate personalities with do not all share the same interests. So, in an effort to expand my own personal network, for my own personal interests, I have these different personalities.

So in all honesty…how many of you are like me? How do you manage your personalities? Do you find you are spending way too much time managing your personalities and keeping in touch with your "network?" Do you ever feel burned out? Do you ever wish you could just consolidate all your personalities into one?

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  1. I should add here that I do have multiple accounts, for different reasons. Mainly family/business and naked activities. My children did not want to be hit on by my online friends/network, regardless of whether that was intended or not, or not friends but acquainances or not, and so forth.

    On the business side, people flag 'NSFW' on many profiles, images etc. and I think it can be confusing for ones occupation and ones recreation to be mixed up, sometimes. This need not be important, but it depends how relevant the one is to the other, and I think separating the concerns makes more practical sense. Additionally many companies don't want to see your naked holiday snaps pop up when FB helpfully says "x has just posted a photo". Not during a business presentation at least.

    The different profiles are linked though, and I'm happy for there to be lots of overlap. However, sometimes I do get confused 🙂

  2. I lost control of that a long time ago, and even now I sometimes forget log-on information. So I decided to just be me and "bugger the consequences". I just hope the pastor doesn't "google" my name, or they'll be picketing my funeral….while I'm still alive! 😉

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