Are you anti-gay, or pro-gay, or neither?

I was accused recently of being an anti-gay dictator, on the Naktiv site, and I’m very tired of this inane charge so perhaps I need to explain this in short words that even the straight-haters can understand. I was molested by several gay men when I was a child and this has almost certainly coloured my opinion of the subject. This is probably the main reason I might feel as though I have to defend my “straightness”. I am NOT anti-gay and I am NOT pro-gay either.

Anyone can be gay, I simply don’t need gayness to be a close part of my life, thank you. Please do not insist that I must be a gay-lover. I am not, and I never will be. This type of accusation is a very easy charge to make, and why certain people continue to suggest to others that someone might be anti-gay, because it swiftly pulls people behind their real purpose. However, this is simply an untruth and an erroneous manipulation of your emotions. I have straight friends and I have gay friends, and their rights, just as MY rights, should be defended by all of us. Remember that last sentence because *I* have rights TOO, even though I am not gay!

Having been molested as a child does not make me hate gays per se, it makes me hate people who force themselves, and their political correctedness, on to others. Just because you are gay does not mean I must be gay. Just because you know someone who is gay, does not mean I must be gay. Just because you are afraid to upset the gay lobby, does not mean I must be gay. Just because there are gay people in the world, does not mean I must be gay. There often seems to be an anti-straight lobby, which plays into the hands of those who would manipulate you for their own agenda.

There are many gay people on the naktiv site, and there are ALSO many straight people on here. Personally I have no interest in whether you are gay or straight, so please desist with obsessing about this and trying to make up a fabricated story based on untruths. The fact is that you and I BOTH have equal rights. I earnestly wish that people would desist from being so divisive on this topic, both here and elsewhere.

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  1. For goodness sake. I have said there are TWO parts to this:

    1. Some comments have been lost because there has been some unfortunate censorship, but you are free to post whatever you like.

    2. Some comments have been lost because they are hidden because they are on the accounts of people who have left.

    It's not rocket science to put those TWO statements together INSTEAD of choosing to only read the ONE!

  2. I think, the question, as it is asked is a non-sense question. I agree with Leo: I'm neither pro- or anti-gay, I'm pro-human. Better say I'm pro-nature. Pro-gay activism emerged, because of the anti-gay discrimination which exists since the night of times, and in countries, where politics claims to support human rights, it is a right of discrimination victims to fight for their rights, i.e. for the respect of human-rights in general. In this sense, I'm anti anti-gay activists, because they don't respect anti-human rights, and as a consequence I'm a supporter pro-gay activists (as long as they defend their own rights, and respect other's rights). The correct question should therefore be: "Do you support anti-gay activism or pro-gay activism ?".

    By the way, the same reasoning applies to nudism, with the only difference, that while I'm not gay, I enjoy being nude whenever possible. The existence of nudist activists is only due to the fact, that natural nudity, while well accepted or tolerated by most people, is criminalized by many governments for ideological or religious reasons in violation of Art. 30 of the human rights. The only right question for all should therefore be "Are you for Human Rights or against ?". A "Neither" option doesn't make any sense in this context, because the only possible interpretation would be "I'm for MY rights, and I don't care about YOUR rights", and they would then wonder why other people would use the same argument to deny them any right.

  3. It's so sad when people use a real cause, such as women's rights, or gay rights, or black rights, to push their own agendas on to other people. People rush to attack the hurriedly perceived enemy, without seeing the real one standing behind them. The hysteria which these emotive issues generate easily cloud otherwise simple issues.

  4. I'm pro human. I don't care about people's sexual orientation as long as they are not willingly draw attention with it. And yes I understand Richard's arguments that gay men try to force their gayness upon straight men. I experienced it lots of times the past few months in my quest trying to find platonic FRIENDS. Just occasionally there's a woman who wants more, but I draw the line by getting naked together and sharing some time with a cup of coffee and a nice conversation. But if I will be in Canada again sometime, I surely also like to share a hottub experience with someone here on the Naktiv site.

    • Indeed. Of course, it's not just gay men, Leo. I'm also thinking here of people, (both male and female, and both gay and straight), who try to use the anti-gay banner to leverage support for their hidden agenda. That's getting a little complicated though, and I don't wish to muddy the message by going into details. The people concerned know exactly what I mean.

      Hot tub sounds good, and I'm sure someone has them outside of Canada, too 😉

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