Sharing naked images, permissions, and a partridge in a pear tree.

the Naktiv site is NOT a private network, it IS a social network with excellent facilities for sharing and connecting to other online networks. Because it is the core view of the Naktiv site that we want to PROMOTE simple and harmless nudity to the wider world, an essential component of doing this is being prepared for the great unwashed outside world, (which we want to educate), to see content describing the naked human body. Yes, images too!

The permissions documentation describes this all in greater detail. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Comments and feedback are always welcome – please share this far and wide!

12 thoughts on “Sharing naked images, permissions, and a partridge in a pear tree.”

  1. At some point we need to accept who we are and not spend so much time worrying about who sees us. I know some professions like teachers have no choice but then they would be better not posting pictures at all. It's silly how the outside world acts but for most of us we little to worry about.

      • True enough, one of the small nude resorts we go to is made up by people/couples from the education system, approximately 50-60% of the membership. These well educated people understand and appreciate the value of nude recreation and relaxation. Most have signed release forms in the past so group photos from the resort can be released to AANR's The Bulletin for publication.

  2. Might want to make sure it is known that moderators/admin can see all content whether marked private for friends only or not but emphasize that they are trusted members that would never share content without permission from the content owner/poster,

    • Of course, using the "share" link available with every post, means anyone can share an item. It's entirely possible for even a moderator to do this by accident, (as I can testify to, embarassingly).

      However, the item's permissions will still restrict viewing to the people permitted to view it, no matter how far the link is shared. This is why it's important for people to use the permissions system as it's intended to be used.

      Now, if you're NOT talking about sharing, but instead about someone explicitly downloading a photo and uploading it elsewhere, well, that comes down to trust. And again, on every web site the same issue can be raised. Including all the system administrators on Faceache as well as every moderator of every group on every website all around the world. I don't suppose many people think that through though 🙂

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